February 16 2022

Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe are among the stars in the running at this year’s LGBT Awards.

Klopp and Radcliffe have been staunch supporters of the LGBT community over the last few years, with the Liverpool boss recently meeting fan group Kop Out to discuss the issue of homophobic chanting at football games,

They join Jodie Whittaker – the latest Doctor Who, Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton and Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall in the celebrity ally category.

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February 16 2022

Jade Thirlwall threatened to ‘kick’ off with Greggs over their sausage, bean and cheese melt before it made a much celebrated return to the menu.

Like many regular customers of the Newcastle born bakers, Jade is a huge fan of the sausage and bean melt so was left appalled that it was pulled off shelves with no warning towards the end of last year.

And, while the arrival of Greggs’ famous Festive Bake took the heat over its absence, once the Christmas period was done with, pastry lovers demanded to know when the melt would be back.

Earlier this week, Greggs took to Instagram and Twitter to tease that a delicacy was making its return writing: “The comeback you’ve been waiting for… 2 days to go.”

And, swift to react to the preview, South Shields star Jade snapped: “This better be the sausage been cheese melt or I’m guna kick off hun.”

Many others shared Jade’s sentiments before Greggs prompted great delight by confirming on Thursday that it was indeed the sausage and bean melt that was making a comeback for 2022.

There has been some confusion over the fact that the vegan version of the melt, which was launched to great fanfare last year, hasn’t returned alongside the traditional option.

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February 16 2022

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