July 22 2022
Is anyone interested in for $50 if not I may just delete the site when the domain expires on 12 August! Contact me at colinmorganonline@gmail.com

June 17 2022

Jade Thirlwall Online has a new site and gallery theme by By KaciElizabeth, I am in love with them, I wanted to change the themes for numerous reasons!

May 06 2022

Sink the Pink threw its final event last month, bringing an end to 13 years of costumes, club nights and campness.

Founded in 2008 by best friends Amy Zing and Glyn Fussell, it started as a way of countering “too many bland and non-inclusive nights out”.

During its run, there were collaborations with performers such as Little Mix and P!nk and the event took over venues in places like New York, London and Berlin.

It reportedly sold more than 150,000 tickets to its events, which have been home to the likes of MNEK, Jodie Harsh and Bimini.

Sink the Pink’s Manifesto for Misfits, a new book which immortalises its inclusive legacy, uses think pieces, reflective exercises and living testimony to keep the party alive forever.

Written by co-founder Glyn, it features contributions from the likes of Mel C, Lily Allen, Yungblud and Lady Phyll, to name a few.

“I have always felt like the ultimate outsider,” Glyn said of why he chose to write the Manifesto for Misfits.

“I have spent a lifetime trying to fit in, attempting to stick within my limits and be quiet until I realised I just couldn’t do it anymore and exploded. This book is that explosion in full technicolor. It is a love letter from me to anyone who has ever felt invisible.

“Writing this cheerleading book has been a dream come true and I am beyond proud to share my bumpy road of a life to help others navigate theirs.”

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March 29 2022

The site is officially back, I regretted closing it and I have added a new photoshoot!

March 03 2022

Welcome to Jade Thirlwall Online, I am excited to finally launch the site. I have been working so hard on it. We aim to bring the latest news, images and more, please consider donating as it will help our site grow and please visit us again!

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